Anodized Aluminum Plate in Crafts

now people are pursuing new, generous crafts more and more people of all ages. Anodized aluminum plate is an outstanding representative of aluminum plate, its specific surface area is large, has a high chemical activity. It can effectively control the color difference, the color is rich, and the decoration of the product is improved. Today we look at the application of anodized aluminum plates in handicrafts.


1, the use of high-quality substrate, product quality is excellent.

the use of aluminum oxide oxidation process, through the surface anodizing treatment to improve the flatness of the plate, hardness, corrosion resistance, the production of aluminum plate is more durable than the traditional aluminum plate.

2, excellent processability

Anodized aluminum plate decorative performance is strong, can be bent forming, convenient direct processing of finished products, no need for complex surface treatment, greatly reduce the production cycle and reduce.

3, good weather resistance

oxide film is thick, and it is not easy to change color, corrosion and oxidation.

4, strong metal texture, environmental protection materials

The anodized aluminum plate has high surface hardness, no paint coverage and good scratch resistance, which can retain the metal feeling of the aluminum plate and improve the grade and added value of the product. From the inside to the surface of the product to truly achieve no harmful metal, healthy, environmentally friendly quality, can be recycled.

6, rich and diverse colors, wide application range

surface treatment, rich and varied texture, such as painting texture, auspicious moire, stone pattern, plaid pattern and so on. After the coloring anodizing treatment, the aluminum surface will be rich in color and vivid color. It is most suitable for traditional handicraft enterprises, and it is more natural and beautiful, creative and high-end.

7, high temperature resistance, more reliable

The product is high temperature resistant and tasteless; it has excellent insulation, has better anti-pressure effect on static electricity, and is more assured to use.

the above is the application of anodized aluminum plate in handicrafts, anodized aluminum plate, for the selection of handicrafts industry to bring new choices, new functional materials. Shandong Zhongshun Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces aluminum plate products such as pressed ball aluminum plate, orange peel aluminum plate, mirror aluminum plate, alumina plate and so on. The company will provide the best products and services for the majority of users with excellent equipment, scientific management, flexible mechanism, strict testing procedures, perfect quality assurance system, and the business philosophy of "the best quality and the most reasonable price, professional production equipment intimate service by many customers.

Created on:2022-03-22
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