2023 World Aluminum Network Top Ten Suppliers Selection

Activity Introduction

1. Activity Description

World Aluminum Network "Top Ten Suppliers" selection activity was successfully held for 16 sessions with the support of the majority of industry insiders and was widely praised. The "Top Ten Suppliers" selection activity is based on the principles of openness, fairness and justice, and aims to select suppliers that are well-run and meet the top ten standards in the industry, to show the role of the list, promote the positive energy of the industry, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

2. activity time

  2023year3month15Day:00-3month25day morning9:00

3. support unit

Shanxi Nonferrous Metals Society, China Nonferrous Metals Magazine, Resource Recycling Magazine, Nanchu Business Network, Business Society, China Automotive Materials Network, Huiya-Home Hotline, Shanghai Metal Network, Aicho Consulting, Curtain Wall Headline, Aluminum Grid, Winner Wealth Network (the above ranking is not in any order).

4. Award Setting

  1, grant2023years of the world aluminum network "top ten suppliers" certificate, honor plus body.

  2, the results of the selection will be in.2023years of aluminum mesh"Top Ten Suppliers"Selection Activities Official Website and World Aluminum Network2023.

  3, on the list of enterprises in the aluminum network to enjoy the "top ten suppliers" honor mark.

  4, the world aluminum network to give the corresponding publicity reports.

Rules for 5. activities

  1,ways of participation

the 17th "Top Ten Suppliers" selection activity of the World Aluminum Network, the candidate enterprises are selected through independent registration and selection by the activity evaluation team. Before the voting activity starts, all candidate enterprises will be sorted out, summarized and released, waiting for the activity to start.

  2,Candidacy Classification

According to the rules, the total categories of this selection activity include: aluminum ingots, aluminum strips, aluminum foils, industrial aluminum profiles, architectural aluminum profiles, aluminum tube rods, aluminum decorative plates, medium and heavy plates, aluminum equipment, aluminum accessories and aluminum rods.


Vote Score Composition

is divided into public voting points, industry review points, e-commerce application points, enterprise website points, circle of friends points and listed enterprises points. The voting results are updated in real time. The list of enterprises in each category is sorted in real time according to the number of votes. The higher the number of votes, the higher the ranking.

  Mass Vote Score

Mass Voting Method:

the first type: before voting for enterprises, voters should download [nonferrous treasure] in major mobile phone application stores. after downloading and installing, open [nonferrous treasure], log in after registration, click on the "top ten suppliers" selection activity entrance on the front page, enter the voting page, and vote for the enterprises they support. There is only one voting opportunity per day for the same business. You can vote for many businesses.

the second type: the voter can use WeChat to scan the voting QR code of the enterprise and pay attention to the public number of Nonferrous Treasure to vote for the enterprise. (For voters who have paid attention to the public number of Nonferrous Treasure, WeChat scanning code can successfully vote for the enterprise.) The Nonferrous Treasure Public Number has only one voting opportunity per day for the same enterprise. You can vote for many businesses.

  industry review score

this selection activity, World Aluminum Network organized industry representatives to form a jury, giving each group member the right to vote once and only once for each enterprise in the pre-selected list. After the name of the enterprise voted, the head portrait of the industry reviewer who voted for it will be displayed to show the publicity and score.200.

  E-commerce application score

, in order to comply with the positive role of e-commerce media in promoting the development of enterprises under the market economy, all pre-selected enterprises actively apply e-commerce tools to carry out online marketing promotion, online ordering, online transactions and other operations, and after being evaluated by the "Top Ten Suppliers" activity selection team, they can enjoy the corresponding scores and light up the "e-commerce application" logo.

  Enterprise website

① The participating enterprises can enjoy the "Top Ten Suppliers" selection activity window added to the homepage of their website and linked to the voting page, screenshots and sent to the "Top Ten Suppliers" activity selection team.300points.

② The participating enterprises publish the "Top Ten Suppliers" activity information in the information section of their enterprise websites, and the screenshots can be enjoyed by the "Top Ten Suppliers" activity selection team.100points, multiple releases of non-repetitive activity information can be added multiple times.

The total bonus points for the above two forms shall not exceed500points. After the bonus points will be lit in the bonus items behind the enterprise name"e"sign.

circle of friends likes points

All participating enterprises share the "Top Ten Suppliers" activity information in their WeChat circle of friends to collect "likes"3month22day, the screenshots of the collection of praises will be sent to the activity selection Committee. after checking the truth, the enterprise will receive praise points. at the same time, the "praise" sign will be lit behind the enterprise name. each like1points, no more1000points.

Listed enterprises

Where the participating enterprises areShanghai Stock Exchange,Shenzhen Stock Exchange,Hong Kong Exchangelisted companies, companies whose recent performance reports meet the criteria for sustained profitability can enjoy the right to be reviewed by the "Top Ten Suppliers" campaign selection team.1000plus points. After the bonus points, the logo of the listed company will be lit in the bonus items behind the name of the enterprise.

  4,determine the list

organizing committee will end the voting phase (2023year3month25Day9:00 a.m.) After that, according to the total score in each category, the top-ranked enterprises are selected as the list of this year's "Top Ten Suppliers.

  5,List Announced

The list of the "Top Ten Suppliers" selection activities of the World Aluminum Network will be held on2023year3month25was released on the World Aluminum Network, Nonferrous Treasure and the invitation support media platform for this event.

6. Top 10 Supplier Standard

  "Top Ten Suppliers"refers to the benchmarking enterprises that meet the ten criteria for the selection of activities. The standard details are as follows:

  1,Commercial Credit: keep the contract about credibility, product quantity, quality standards, on-time delivery, thoughtful after-sales service system.

  2,product level: The product structure is reasonable, with a systematic quality management system, product quality is higher than industry standards.

  3,competitive vitality: With extensive market influence and good goodwill, products in line with market orientation, steady growth of market share, flexible market response.

  4,Equipment level: The equipment structure and production equipment are complete, and the existing production line has the ability to produce qualified products.

  5,Profitability: High gross profit margin, abundant operating cash flow and strict cost control system.

  6,Financial Status: Strong solvency, healthy financial income and expenditure, and the balance of funds needed for enterprise development.

  7,innovation ability: sufficient investment in scientific research, strong independent innovation ability, fast product upgrading.

  8,capacity for sustainable development: It has technical renovation projects under construction and expansion to meet the needs of market development.

  9,management level: The enterprise development strategy is clear, the enterprise operation efficiency is high, the execution is strong, the enterprise culture is good, the production and management team is united.

10,Social Responsibility: to meet the social requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, enterprise development and social benefits of harmony.

7. Contact


Phone:15837199261(WeChat with the same number)

Q Q:616616929

Contact: Miss Jiang

If you have any questions, please contact the Top Ten Suppliers Selection Group.


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