Zimbabwe plans to increase domestic aluminium production

After visiting Tajikistan Aluminum, Zimbabwean Vice President Constantino Chiwenga announced that the Zimbabwean government hopes to develop its light metal industry with the help of Tajikistan Aluminum's aluminum production experience and expressed interest in establishing a similar processing plant in Zimbabwe. Tajikistan Aluminum has an annual production capacity of over 500,000 tons.

Aluminum is widely used and has huge economic benefits. It is indispensable in many fields such as aerospace engineering, food packaging, household appliances and electrical conductors. Zimbabwe is undergoing a transition from copper cables to aluminum cables.

Zimbabwe currently has an aluminum cable manufacturer, CAFCA. Chiwenga stressed that Zimbabwe needs to expand aluminum production to match the level of Tajikistan Aluminum. He invited Tajikistan Aluminum to cooperate with local companies to share expertise and further develop the industry.

Created on:2024-06-18
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