1060 H24 spherical pattern aluminum plate

Single-sided semi-spherical pattern aluminum plate (used for stamping parts of automobile exhaust pipe heat insulation board, automobile exhaust pipe heat insulation board parts)

aluminum alloy grades: 1060-O, 1050-O

specifications and parameters: width ≤ 1000mm, thickness 0.2mm ~ 1.0mm, length: sheet or coil.

Scope of use: Suitable for the production of various types of automotive engine heat shield stamping parts, heat shield parts, engine heat shield, automotive water tanks, exhaust pipe heat shield components. The products have finally served GAC, Volkswagen, Ford, JAC, GM and other automobiles.

packaging: wooden plastic cloth simple bag

technical parameters: the stick body adopts solid forged steel as the stick body, (semicircular aluminum plate) embossing equipment

The diameter of the press roller is 500mm, the total length of the equipment is 1600mm, the range that our company can process is 0.2-1.0mm, and the material is soft. The widest can be processed to 1350mm.

Implementation standard: GB/T3880-2012.2, the material is 1050A0 state, this material is suitable for the purpose of automobile exhaust pipe protective cover, with good heat conduction and heat dissipation effect, corrosion resistance, light weight and other advantages.

aluminum plate shall be in accordance with GB/T3880.2, and the edges shall be free of burrs and sharp edges., Tensile strength 65-95, extension greater than 22.

Shandong Zhongshun aluminum production of semi-spherical aluminum plate advantages:

①, small density.

semi-spherical pattern aluminum plate, the density of pure aluminum is 2.71kg/cubic meter, which is only 1/3 of the density of steel, AL-mg the density of the alloy is lower. Therefore, the same weight of the same thickness orange peel pattern aluminum coil and steel more than the square number of 2/3.

②, corrosion resistance.

semi-spherical pattern aluminum plate is covered with a dense and hard colorless and transparent oxide film, which can resist the erosion of wind and cloud, food, natural gas, etc. If the orange peel (orange peel) grain aluminum coil aluminum plate is chemically treated or anodized, the thickness of the oxide film can be increased. Generally, the thickness of the oxide film is 5-15 microns, which greatly enhances the corrosion resistance of the surface of the orange peel (orange peel) grain aluminum coil aluminum plate. The porous structure of the anodized film can be used to absorb dyes and heavy metal ions to dye various light-resistant colors.

③, sufficient strength.

The semi-spherical pattern aluminum plate has enough lightness to be used in industries such as automobile engines and exhaust pipe heat insulation shields. The strength or tensile strength of aluminum can be further improved by alloying and annealing. No brittle phenomenon. Very suitable for stamping again.

④, high reflectivity.

semi-spherical aluminum plate industrial pure aluminum to infrared and visible light is above 80%, the aluminum content is about the higher the pure reflectivity, and the better the corrosion resistance.

5, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

semi-spherical aluminum plate is equivalent to 62% of copper, the thermal conductivity is equivalent to 60% of copper, and the density is only equivalent to 30% of copper.

⑥, good ductility.

Semicircular aluminum plate, pure aluminum and deformed aluminum alloy can be processed by stamping, drawing, deep drawing and other pressure processing to make various shapes and very thin products.

⑦, high recovery rate.

semi-spherical pattern aluminum plate can be directly put into the furnace, and the energy can be saved by 95% compared with the recycled aluminum and smelting aluminum.

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