1060 H24 diamond pattern aluminum plate

characteristics of diamond pattern aluminum plate:

the first point: small density.

pure aluminum is 2.71kg/cubic meter, which is only 1/3 of the density of steel, AL-mg the density of the alloy is lower. Therefore, the same weight, the same thickness, diamond pattern aluminum plate and steel are more than 2/3 square number.

second point: corrosion resistance.

rhombus pattern aluminum plate is covered with a dense and hard colorless and transparent oxide film, which can resist the erosion of wind and cloud, food, natural gas, etc. If the diamond pattern aluminum plate is chemically treated or anodized, the thickness of the oxide film can be increased. Generally, the thickness of the oxide film is 5-15 microns, which greatly enhances the corrosion resistance of the diamond pattern aluminum plate surface, and can use the porous structure of the anodic oxide film to adsorb dyes and heavy metal ions to dye various light-resistant colors

number three: enough intensity.

diamond pattern aluminum plate has enough light can be used in the manufacture of various containers, insulation industry packaging and refrigerator freezers and other industries. The strength or tensile strength of aluminum can be further improved by alloying and annealing. No brittle phenomenon.

fourth point: high reflectivity

industrial pure aluminum to infrared and visible light is above 80%, the higher the pure reflectivity of aluminum content, and the better the corrosion resistance

fifth point: good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity

pure aluminum is equivalent to 62% of copper, the thermal conductivity is equivalent to 60% of copper, and the density is only equivalent to 30% of copper.

sixth point: good ductility.

Pure aluminum and deformed aluminum alloy can be rolled, extruded, drawn, forged, deep drawn and other pressure processing to make various shapes and thin products

point 7: high recovery rate

rhombus pattern aluminum plate can be directly put into the furnace, and the energy can be saved by 95% compared with recycled aluminum and smelting aluminum.

The above is the introduction of diamond pattern aluminum plate by the technical department of Shandong Zhongshun Aluminum Co., Ltd.

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