1050 Series Aluminum Rod

The 1000 series aluminum bars are represented by the 1050, 1060, and 1100 series. Among all the series, the 1000 series has the highest aluminum content, with a purity of more than 99.00%. Since it does not contain other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple and the price is relatively cheap. It is a commonly used series in conventional industries. Most of the aluminum bars circulating on the market are 1050 and 1060 series. The aluminum content of the 1000 series aluminum bars is determined by the last two Arabic numerals. For example, the last two Arabic numerals of the 1050 series are 50. According to the international brand naming principle, the aluminum content must reach more than 99.5% to be a qualified product. The aluminum alloy technical standard (gB/T3880-2006) also clearly stipulates that the aluminum content of 1050 must reach 99.5%. For the same reason, the aluminum content of the 1060 series aluminum bars must reach more than 99.6%.

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